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would you be there for me, Like I was there for you....

Today was a good day.
I got a raise! Hoo-fuckin-ray!
I talked to my manager about my wishes to go back to school.
And, I have decided it might be sooner than I was planning.
I think I'm gonna just tell them, I want to start before the month is over... :/
We had a really good long talk. It made me want to work so much more.
But, I know I need to go back and do the school thing, NOW.
Or I'm going to lose the opportunity, time, and money.
I still plan on doing both work and school.
I'm just hesitant about giving up my position, because I know I will have to.
Whatever, I'm stupid.
I need to stop analyzing all this crap.
I'm totally hopped up on caffiene from Mochas, and Coca-Cola right now.
I need to be knocked hte fuck out, ASAP.

Tommorrow, a day off.
Berkeley with Emily for Piercings!!!!
AND Family Fun Night minus The OC.
Which means Board Games!!!!, I Love me some board games.
And then I intend on dancing myself into oblivion.
And Lindsey comes to town!
Another good day awaits.
Make that a few good days... the next few days are looking somewhat promising.
Crossing my fingers that I will get to see the boy...

This song is my current OBSESSION, and actually brought a tear to my eye last night.
"You do something to me that I can´t explain.
So would I be out of line if i said
I miss you.
I know I´ll see you again
Whether far or soon.
But I need you to know that I care
And, I miss You."
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