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I wish I was better at calling the people I Love and letting them know just that.

Things are pretty good right now.
I found a distraction. I am keeping very, very busy.
Work and School, full time.
Soon work will only be part-time, thank god.
I'm gonna sound silly, but I am so amped to be learning new things right now.
I'm really really excited about school right now.
I got 100% on my first test. So, I kinda rule.
I slept for about 4 hours last night, and I'm still suprisingly upbeat.
I was not, however last night, after getting off of work at 2am.
Not cool when I need to be at school by 7:50 the next day.
Whatever, enough of my bitching about that already.
I am already looking forward for the school week to begin again on Tuesday.

What I accomplished on my 4th day of class. What an eventful Saturday:
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Agh, I'm so jealous that you're going to school.
Ha ha awesome. Im so glad I never have to see a doll head or fake finger again, though <33 Proud of you
ohh god! i remember having to do those at school... i usually could only get one of them done to look really good... what school are you going too!?
Evergreen Beauty College.
It's a little cosmetology school near Evergreen City College.
It's alright.
i use to go to their sister school ganey in high school... then it burned down last year! hahhaa you should try to transfer into san jose city! i transfered there after i graduated high school and it was so much better... you learn a lot more