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Pepsi, Work, Mocha, Work, Pepsi, Work, etc...

I am COMPLETELY RE-obsessed with The Lovemakers, right now.
Particularly "Hypnotized", and "Runaway".
I'm actually really bitter that they don't have either on their Myspace, so that I can put on of them on MY Myspace page.

I think I like my job Too much.
It's kinda sad.
Like seriously.
I worked a 13 hour shift and it really didn't even phase me. I'm fully hopped up on Caffiene.
I'm actaully pretty bummed I don't get to be back to work this morning. I guess I enjoy the chaos, big visits and things bring. I love projects. God, I'm lame.
I'd rather work tommorrow than go to school.
Oh well, I guess I will just HAVE to wait until 3 for work.
This isn't always the case, but currently it is.

Ryan was born December 12th around 6:15pm, and weighed around 9 lbs, 5 ounces, I believe. I could be off a bit.
I have not yet seen, Laura, Ryan or John.
They have been in the Hospital for a few days.
Everyone got to visit today, but I was working, I actually would have given ANYTHING to have been able to leave work at that point to go visit, but I'm hoping they come home tommorrow before I leave for work, so I can sneak my peek.
The photos I have seen are nothing short of AMAZING!
This kid is GORGEOUS. And I am continuously brought to tears with each picture text I recieve.
I can't wait to see them all back home.

Okay, maybe I try to sleep for a bit.
I never know what's coming my way.
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