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This head of mine.

I'm a mess right now.
I've tried sleeping, but my mind won't shut down.
I just feel like nothing makes sense, and my life is too hectic, and I can't handle anything, properly.
My health is officially suffering at this point.
My head hurts, my throat hurts, and this damn cold will not go away.

I need to go to school less, so I can work more.
I need my benefits now. I haven't needed them the whole 6 months I had them.
And now, I need a goddamn root canal (sounds pleasent, eh?)
Besides, working at Urban is the only upside right now, at least most of the time it feels like it is.
I may have to quit the job I just took at the spa.
I just don't know what to do with myself right now.

This is not a fun time for me right now.
I Love the season and there really are so many great things going on.
But, I am reminded of my Mother's absence right now, and I can't handle it.
It's been almost exactly one year.
oh man, I am a mess.
I just want her here.
I went to see The Nutcracker last weekend, my Mother had been taking ever since I was a littel girl.
I was in tears the whole first act, pretty much. I felt ridiculous.
I miss her so much.
And I just feel so alone sometimes.

I'm so whiny right now, and crampy....
hooray, we know what that means.
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